Saturday, February 28, 2009

Show us your best peacock...

There has always been a big debate in the magic community about flourishing compared to hiding your skill. There are people who temper the magic and flourishing. However, those who remain hardcore into it, are really just showing off for other magicians.

Watching the above video, there were some pretty things (Even one I had to back up a few times to catch) however, a lot of it was hard to follow and if someone who knows what's going on gets lost, think about how non-magicians would feel... and for anyone who isn't sober, fughedaboutit. I have called this style of magic "magical masturbation" and I stand by it.

You are just playing with yourself. Ruffling your feathers as it were to look pretty. IT rarely adds anything to the magic or performance. Just because someone goes "wow" when you do some complicated flourish, just remember, people say the same thing about juggling and fire eating. It's impressive because they can't do it and it looks hard. It's not that they are impressed with the trick itself.

To a degree, I agree that showing off too much can lessen the impact of magic to some people. If you can fling cards around like a dervish, then slight of hand should be NO problem for you. Most non-magical types think we do things that are just too fast for them too see, why perpetrate that already ridiculous and trite saying.

So just remember, while you are spanking it over the latest flourish DVD, when in public try to keep it in yer pants. Like I tell my girlfriend...

Less is more.


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