Saturday, July 03, 2010

It's a tie!!

So this new product that is coming out got me to thinking about magicians' fashion sense... or non-sense if you will.

Save for our brethren who lean a bit more to the sly direction, most magicians dress themselves like they only have one costume catalog and it's from the late 70's early 80's. The ones that don't, dress like homeless guys. (Yes I do mean just guys. I haven't seen a female magi wearing ripped jeans and un-tucked shirts to do magic in... yet.)

However, this focus is going to be on ties. We have all seen those overplayed playing card neckties right? Let me clue those of you in who wear them: You're not the first one with that bright idea. Nothing screams "Sky Mall" more than one of those.

Personally I am a big fan of clip on ties. (Just because you sport one of those doesn't mean you can't tie a real tie by the way) These kinds of ties have great comedy moments. Try silk thru tie while someone holds your tie, then walk away to get the silk and leave the tie in their hand. Tell someone you need to loosen your tie and just hand it to them. Very unexpected and funny.

If you insist on wearing some sort of patterned tie, do some searching around for something truly unique. Cartoon characters scream creepy uncle so try and avoid those. There are so many strange tie designs out there that you have no EXCUSE to buy off the rack at Wally World.

Just remember: don't let yourself be tied down to a tacky wardrobe...

or bad magic tricks.


PS: If you want something really out there, visit my friends at Artwith Latex. They have some awesome ties and do custom orders.

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