Saturday, July 31, 2010

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So today I was talking with my friend about a cups and balls routine I didn't hate. The moment of magic was very defined and justified. I then realized that a lot of us really do gloss over the magic moment. It's as if we don't truly believe in what we're doing.

Now I don't mean getting all pensive and serious or overly dramatic, but at least commit to it. I have seen a number of Cn'B routines that the person just nonchalantly taps the cups with a wand over and over again with no enthusiasm or poignant moment at all.

I think this is because the moment for us is different than it is for them. We consider the magic done when we do the move, flip the switch, PULL THE STRING or whatever. So we hurry to do the reveal just so we can feel justified about all that time we spent trying to be clever.

Think about the moment sin your magic that really matter and you want to have impact and draw in some focus. If your conviction to your magical gesture is deep enough, they will be that much more entranced by what just occurred.

I'm no just the president... I'm also a client.


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