Thursday, March 10, 2011

Choice of a new generation?

Jeff McBride hosts a weekly online session thingy every Monday. On there was someone I have known for longer than I want to reveal. He was asking people to suggest how they can get a younger crowd to come out to the magic conventions.

here is my suggestion: Get rid of the close minded ass clowns that you have booking the acts!! Far too often some has-been or wannabe magician has been put into a position of power and, as most do, abuse it by hiring the SAME DAMN ACTS YOU SEE AT EVERY CONVENTION!!

"I am hiring this act because I want to see him live." or "This guy is my friend. I should do him a solid."

These are the two scenarios that make the most sense to me because mental illness or retardation seem only slightly less logical. Hey, want to bring in a younger crowd? Here is an idea: Hire people you don't see at magic conventions!

Don't believe me? Let me paint you a picture. Last week of April, 2010 - Magic vs. Science at the castle (Or Magic Woodstock as some have started calling it). Rudy Coby brought in acts that had never or hardly worked at the castle and guess what? They had the highest growing April IN CASTLE HISTORY! Read that line again. Highest... Grossing.

So instead of blowing your budget on a few "names" why not line up some unknown talent. People on their way up in the magic world? Maybe some guys that the young kids want to see... gawd forbid.

If this is a trend you keep seeing and are sick of it too, let your voices be heard. Email, call, morse code your feelings to someone who might listen. They can ignore 1 or 2 angry letters but 100... 1000? That's a little more difficult. (I doubt there are even 100 people who read this, but you get my point)

So if some of you convention bookers happen upon this article by some chance, such as some disgruntled convention goes trying to open your eyes, don't ignore it. Look outside your own little close-minded tux and tails kinda world. Find out what the current generation wants to see and don't dismiss them because they are a bunch of youtube using window lickers (Even if they might be). They are paying customers you are IGNORING! Don't be that guy.

You know who you are...

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