Monday, March 21, 2011

Flawed Logic...

Earlier today an associate and I were talking about how if a performer is TOO nice, he has little to no authority over a crowd and can be easily overtaken. The performer could be very edgy or authoritative off stage, but if he is a push over in front of s crowd, it can backfire.

No one on this PLANET is 100% shiny happy people. Everyone has flaws. It's why we tend to like some people. We can relate to someone who has some rough edges. We like that.

Magicians try so hard to be above everyone else sometimes that they become off putting and unrelatable to the people watching.

Even the nice guy needs an edge. Not necessarily being a dick onstage, but being a little mischievous or having a slight twisted sense of humor. The audience begins to like you more because you are like their friends. A little... off.

So if you wonder why you might not be getting that reaction you want, maybe be a little snarky from time to time.

Sometimes being bad can be good.

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