Monday, March 21, 2011

I just happen to have...

Remember a while back when I talked about how illusions were getting passe' for the modern audience? How they might be fooled but they just don't care? Well I think I stumbled upon another area of stage magic where the world might have just moved past it all.

Prediction effects

I have always said I don't believe coincidence is magic. It's too perfect if you will. "I just happen to have your card TATTOOED on my leg!" I think when you bring out some bring pop where you made a "prediction" ahead of time and the props look like they have been professionally made is just not believable.

Oh sure, just like the illusions they may not know how it's done and clap at it, but do they really care? Sure there are exceptions. However on the whole, I think we live in a more jaded educated world where we are no longer burned at the stake for being witches and people know what we are doing is mere trickery.

If you want to argue with me that people still come up to you and believe you have spooky mind powers go ahead. Those same people prolly go to psychics and believe fairies carry electricity into our light bulbs to make them illuminate. Sometimes, you have to look at the source.

I think it's more powerful to write the "prediction" down in front of them. That whole "before the show" shit has to stop people. It's just insulting to the audiences intelligence. If you are looking for filler and have to resort to mentalism, then you just aren't trying...

or don't care.

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