Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Ok so normally this is about magic but today it's about fire and the wacko's who play with it. Mind you I am not discounted from this, but what I do is different and I'll tell you why. (Yah sure it's a magic page, but it's my magic page so bite me.)

A lot of people do fire in two ways. One is fire eating, fire breathing. The other is called poi or staff. There is technically a third too. These are the people who make toys that light on fire such as big metal fans, claws, or somesuch and just kinda dance around with them. Many of these people are what one might refer to as pyro's. They like to light stuff on fire as well as play with it. These are the people who get SO into it they think about it in a deeper sense waaaaaay too much. Some might call it obsessed. (Others might just call it having issues)

Sure we use a lot of fire, but we use it for the sole purpose of entertaining others and putting on a good show. The problems arise when these other people start trying to teach other people how to play with fire. Usually having just learned it in the last 6 months they start showing other people. I'm sorry ,but in 6 months or even a year you are NOT gonna learn all the little nuances that go into fire performance and safety. If I teach anyone, I show them not how, but WHY it works. Also what fuels to stay away from, how to store it, and all the safety that should go into fire handling so you don't fuck up and burn yer face off. So please, if yer a pyro don't teach others unless you are damn sure yer not gonna get them and you killed. Thanx.


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