Thursday, April 29, 2004

Gee if I am gonna get accused of something I might as well do it right? Recently I decided to ask the boys over at about a thing they do with fire in one of their videos. They retorted with something along the lines of "Why should we support someone who doesn't support us?" and accused me of constantly bashing them on many magic forums. Funny thing is I don't recall doing this.. especially constantly. I went back and looked at any of the places I post a lot, and found ONE post about how well this guy De'vo did his music and video editing. I recall making a remark somewhere about not caring for a video about nothing but flourishes as it's not my style. (I prolly made a remark about it being magical masturbation too... but tell me it isn't.. seriously?) However I can't find that post ANYWHERE!

So when I told them I didn't know what they were talking about, (Including a true statement about it not being a ploy, I really didna know what the hell they were talking about.), they replied with a rather snide comment about playing games and me having amnesia. They also included a remark about not talking to me about it anymore. Thus I emailed them back once more to tell them I think they're BS was unfair and un-professional and good luck to them. They of course in turn only emailed me back to say good luck as well.

Ok so this is what I gleaned about whoever this Lars guy is.. One, he is the type who has to get the last word in. Two, he and his gang of finger goobers obviously think they are hot shit cuz' they can light cards on fire and spin card fans underwater. (hey got news for you, it's not as impressive since they stick together being made of paper and all of that.) Three, they think that one or two comments exclaiming my point of view is constantly bashing someone in multiple forums. So basically they sit on the internet to pimp their products and monitor forum conversations closely.

I try to make this thing as little about me as possible, but this one time I had to speak my mind and also say this...
If you little wankers think that yer hot because the only talent you have is making up extreme card flourishes, come to my town and talk shit to my face. Easy to hide behind a computer screen and make accusations isn't it? Have fun in yer narrow minded little land and if you want to accuse me thaz fine. After this post I fully expect it now. At least you have a reason yah tossers.

That outta do it. So allow me to say don't go to their website (Which I will not link to) and do not buy their products because one person with a big head has spoken for all of them. Obviously a very important person..... whoever he is?


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