Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Who's been slacking off? Thaz right I have!!! Why? Because I am LAZY YOU DOLTS!! THERE I HAVE SAID IT. YOU HAPPY NOW!?

Ahem, I digress. I was talking with some kids the other day about magic, character, and material. I hear from a lot of people that they don't think they can do comedy just because they personally don't think they are funny. Therefore they try to play a straight character but even a straight man can be funny. Costello? Zeppo? Dean? All straight men but funny in their own right.

If you play a character who believes his own hype, but the hype is waaay out there like, "I will use my Jedi powers to make you see THIS!!! (insert amazing card maneuver here)" and you reeeeealy mean it, thaz funny. So just because you don't think you can be off the wall funny/ silly never fear!! There is hope for you yet!

By the way, yes my trip to CA went well. Much waffles to be had, experienced my first paintball game (Hazing is more like it), and visited Le Magic Castle once again and even performed two impromptu shows for fun. Do yourself a favor and go before you can't anymore.

Recently saw the Robin Williams HBO DVD. Watch this. Sure he sez about 50 zillion cuss words but fuk it, you only live once right? He is a prime example of the research someone should do into the field of entertainment. Always watch people in EVERY area of your business. Watch the pros at work, not just the magic acts. You just might learn something!!

So until next time it is 6:30 in the AM and I can't sleep, this is Bizzaro saying be true to who you are and go buy some shoddy merchandise!!


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