Friday, April 16, 2004

Sure I don't post that much but trust me you would get pretty sick of me rambling on over and over again about nothing.. so I wait until I have something to say. Today's subject is that on getting away with stuff. By stuff I mean magic and by magic I mean mostly, but not limited to, card tricks. So if you like cards read on, if you like coins.. stick around there is some other stuff at the end.

So check it, David Regal.. a very well known card guy, is technically only an amateur magician. Yah!! He actually has a REAL job!! He is a comedy writer. Magic is a supplemental income. (Because let's face it even comedy writing is held in higher regard as a real job than magic.) Well he is a thinker in magic.. and when I say think I mean this man uses so many pre-set decks that if you were to do 5 of the tricks that really kill on his tapes you would to deck switch about 3-4 times. So regardless of that he is one of them guys who really needs to get out more, but is a damn fine magi.

A while back he released an effect called Sudden Deck. Great idea. Empty card box. Fair enuff. Can we see it from the side to make sure it's REALLY flat and empty? No? Why not? Oh ok so yer gonna unfold it.. wait.. I can't put my finger on it but something about the inside of that box isn't right... hmm.. he must be trying to FOOL US!!! BURN THE WITCH!!! Ahem.. anyway, you get the idea. (And if not watch the bloody video up there.) Now there are two thoughts on this in my head.

The first one is, "Well hell it's magic and no one really notices this stuff anyway right?" Well maybe so. I mean when it comes to blatant moves and ideas I am a big advocate of do it right in their faces they will never notice. Try this sometime, have a person sitting down sign a card, control it wherever, then ask them to stand up. As they do toss the card on the seat they were sitting on. By the time they turn around, it looks like the card appeared under their butt. BUTT MAGIC I TELL YOU!!! So yes take advantage of people's ingnorance.. by all means. However DON'T insult their intelligence.

Someone is BOUND to notice that card box has THREE big sides. Anyone with any knowledge in basic science/ physics will notice that the box swings like there might be something in it. Which brings me to number dose... (I am too lazy to look up the spanish spelling of that word, but I'll type out a sentence won't I? hoo boy lookit me go!!) Why would any thinking person try to be THAT blatant and present it in such a way that looks hokey. I mean sure it works, and it fools people but in the back of their head, in that little puzzle solving bit of the subconscious their Bullshit MeterTM is going off. They dunno where, they dunno when.. but something is not right? Why take that chance? Why have them distracted by that? After this effect was released I worked up a method that you can show front and back. Why don't I market it then? Well for one I am not a money grubbing magic inventor. There is already enuff crap on the market as is to confuse people. (Trust me I know I used to sell a lot of it.)

So um.. for you coin guys.. buy my book that has a coin trick in it. Until next time, keep magic simple.


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