Monday, December 03, 2007

First and foremost do NOT use for your web hosting. I have had nothing but problems with them all this year and finally my site crashed and burned on their server. They have done NOTHING to keep me updated or happy. So until further notice, is on a bit of downtime BUT we have a temp page explaining the problem and a link to the next best thing... myspace.

We have new business. In a few weeks, we will be upon the anniversary of this journal. The five days leading up to that date (Dec. 11th) I will be posting something everyday specially for the readers of this thing. Check back on the 6th for the start of that.

Now on to old business. As some of you may know.. or not.. I have no idea who reads this thing. I have spoken many times of paying attention to the world around you if you want to create original unique magic to you and your character or personality. However, I realized I have never told you WHY. Probably because I never really thought about it. Well it recently hit me on the toilet. (As many things often do)

I realized I can actually visualize physics and mechanics in my head.. to a workable degree anyway. I don't mean mathematically either. I suck at math. 2+2=fish ok. I have just watched and toyed with enuff things that I can reasonably see how something should or could work in my melon. This in effect is why you should take notice of the world around you and look into how things work. Visualizing is not something that comes easy to many. For some it's VERY hard, but it's never impossible. We have a brain, and that brain is the best super-computer ever created. Some people just happen to have Photoshop in their brain as opposed to paint from Windows 3.0.

So with this new found knowledge, may you now go forth and perhaps be able to see magic in your head instead of just your mirror.

It's all in the mind...


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