Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry X-BOX!!!

So no one won the MuThErLoDe contest but FEAR NOT!! For I am a benevolent god and shall let everyone have one last shot at it. Later this week I will post a clue that shall lead you to the answer.. if you can figure it out of course.

However, Here is one of the answers I had gotten previously. It amused me, and normally that would do it, but since the stakes are so high.. so to speak, I am merely gonna give them name recognition for the holidays. Hope you kids get something you want... or get rid of something you DON'T want. If yer Jewish, forget I said anything.

hmmmm, common thread thru' out every post, hmmmm

Well the Asshat gets mentioned alot but he I think is an example and not the thing itself.

Railing on dipshits sitting in their rooms jerking off over their latest black fucking deck with pink bloody polka dots or some shit, and thinking being able to do a perfect fan with cum on their fingers is true magic, that's a fairly regular thread as well, but still perhaps a result and not the thing itself.

The advice you have proffered over the years has always been quite sound, hell "stop jerking off over your latest over hyped and expensive piece of marketed bullshit and get out there and perform" is pretty sound advice, right up there with "stop fucking imitating some old dickhead's shit and get out and come up with your own shit". Good advice it is, but perhaps a solution and not the thing itself.

I gave it more thought and came to a list of 3 things I thought you could be asking, 1) The obsession people have with doing the same old shit over and over again and not getting out there and creating unique acts, and 2) the ridiculous nature of magic today where everything is about how it's done and doing shit that looks cool and not about the fun, the entertainment, the fun and the magic ( did I mention the fun?) and 3) The way magic these days is so often over hyped and overpriced pieces of reinvented crap, but with slick market ting people buy this shit and think that having an exploding fucking mic stand is good entertainment because the blurb on the fucking web site told them so, and every thing is for sale and the whole fucking thing is all messed up because of cunts that just wanna screw the moronic masses of the magic world and take every last Penny from any dipshit that thinks you can become a magician by using a fucking online store, a deck of bullshit looking "magician" cards and a heap of fucking lube, the same guys who rate their success by knowing the fucking name of some fucking card move that no cunt really cares about anyway.

Well number 3 got a bit away from me, but I was pretty sure I had the answer some where in those 3, so I did some research and lo and behold I found this on your first ever post

" I wonder why magic has become the weird bastion of BS and capitilism that it has become."

So based on that I guess I have to stick with the rambling answer number 3 with a small sprinkling of answers 1 and 2 just to be sure.

* all quotes are my words and not direct quotes from your blog
** Thanks to MagicWhack for showing me the Mic stand
*** I really wanna win, I do blades already and would love to see your take on it and your advice with it.


So close... yet so far...


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