Sunday, May 11, 2008

For the end of guest week, we bring to you Della Deadgirl from the Dead Girl Circus. Word to yer mothers...


It's Mother's Day. Isn't that exciting? One of a handful of days in the year where you magic-minded folks might be shuffling a different variety of cards. Now, this is Bizzaro's rant-space normally, and a Mom's Day blog is prolly the last thing you expected. But I've taken it over for the day, and as a mom myself, I feel obligated to say at least a little something.

We're performers, and we draw inspiration from lots of places. A lot of us started when we were just kids, and not necessarily in magic. I'll try and keep it focused there, but it really encompasses all performing. Our first audience, by and large? Our parents. Magicians, especially the young ones, need at least some form of encouragement to grow enamored enough with the art to practice often. A mom's well placed "Wow" or look of surprised amazement, even if it's faked, can do much to inspire a young magic hatchling.

Houdini said "my mother was everything to me." It was her death that influenced his interest in spiritualism, and busting fake mediums. David Blaine was raised by a single mother for most of his formative years, and his mother was enough of an influence on his magic career that she's mentioned on almost every site that contains even a hint of his biography. Not many magicians do that.

Now, your situation may be different. Not too many of us led the picture perfect childhood. But in one way or another, our moms shape who we are. Good, bad, strange or otherwise, you are who you are because of them. Likewise, your magic, or whatever your performance art may be, is touched by them as well. They make you, you make magic. So, take a sec and do something nice for your old lady. And if you're one of those who's already spawned an offspring or two, do something nice for the lady who was kind enough to not make you sleep on the couch that night.

It's the least you can do for the ones that still watch your tricks, tell you when you flash something too badly, collect your memorabilia if you have it, and get drunk at your shows so they can tell people, "Hey, you see that guy on stage there? That's my son! Isn't he fuckin' amazing?!"

Keep it freaky,

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