Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shiny captain...

So I thought it was a time for change. A time for peace, a time for... sorry, got lost in song there for a second.

With the customizations option that this site implemented about ooooh, a year+ ago, I figured it was time to take full advantage of it like yer prom date after you slipped that GHB in her drink.

To spice things up, I'm even willing to let you give me YOUR opinion... sort of. If you look to your right there is a poll I have posted so you can tell me if you like the new layout. If this is yer first time here, I even made an option for you so yah dun feel left out.

Hey this might be a good time to offer up some advice regarding magic websites. Two things. Have content and change it from time to time. The more stuff there is to see and do on yer site, the longer they will stay and the longer YOU stay in their memory. Add stuff, take away things, make light of the updates you make from time to time so people will KNOW something is going on.

You ever notice that when a band is working on a new album, they change their site to reflect that new body of work or the album art itself? Why not do that with yer magic site. If you get new promo photos done, or move in a new direction, let your site reflect that. This also falls under the category of content and ways to keep people coming back to your site.

Also, I want to add, for those do it yourself folks, learn the "Target="_Blank" tag. This will help prevent people from navigating away from your page and forgetting to come back. It opens links in a new window. Very handy for anything you link to off-site.

Remember: Your site must stay in their sight...


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