Monday, March 24, 2008

Danger!! Sharp Edges--->

(Tell me where that title comes from you win... something.. maybe.)

Ok so time to open yer minds up a bit. I got my jaws of life so kneel down in front of me and smile like a donu... er... brace yourself.

Occam's Razor, ever heard of it? It's a simple concept. It's the basis for the KISS ruls and the idea that the shortest path between two points is a straight line.

Ever seen a magic act that just kinda goes all over the place? It has no logical progression or flow. What's that you say? That's MOST magic acts? Well you'd be right. Some of the best performances have a common thread (Some subtle, some not so much) running thru or around them. Any jag off can produce candles, canes, and doves for no reason. Put a story to it, or character motivation, or.. well anything that people ccan grab onto with their brains, and you'll not only connect with them on a visual level but a mental one and maybe even, gawd forbid, an emotional one.

A lot of magicians think emotional means dramatic or sad. Happiness is an emotion. Pity is an emotion. There are a lot of ways to go about it. David Copperfield isn't and shouldn't be your only frame of reference. As magicians we use, or should use, magic as our tools to create art or something like it. Take a look at that link up above one more time. Think about how you can simplify and focus your techniques and material. Strip away the flash and useless moves and use the SIMPLEST techniques possible. As I have said before, just because you KNOW all of the moves with a prop, doesn't mean you should DO them.

Now go put a band-aid on that before it gets infected.


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