Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sorry posts have been sporadic. I've been making cookies. I have been kicking the idea around of releasing another DVD next year or later this year with some of my wacky ideas inside. It got me thinking about the plethora of crap that gets released in the name of "furthering the art".

After taking a dip into the cesspool of magical capitalism, I have to ask myself... who am I really doing this for? It makes me wonder if anyone else asks themselves the same thing. Think about it: IS the mass amount of crap we release into our little sub-genre of entertainment for the purpose of education and furthering of the art... or is it for a big fat amount of dollars in our Pay Pal accounts? Do we REALLY need another Flash Cash? Do we REALLY need another Torn and Restored card?

On the other hand, it is nice to have options. To find something that befits your style or character better than another. As I mentioned in a previous post, when yer bit by the marketing bug, it's a hard fever to break. You have to admit there is a LOT of magic that could just be better off being printed in lecture notes or as a cheap download online. I myself have been accused and stand fairly guilty of this crime... but I was young and foolish then.... I feel old and foolish now.

I suppose every little bit helps, but it makes me question others as well as my own motivations. Is it about name recognition and showing people how clever you are.. or is about having a resource for something you TRULY believe will benefit the art?

Do we REALLY need another card thru window?


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