Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Multimedia abounds!!

We live in a society where we can check our email, traffic, horoscope, and even play the ocarina all from the comfort of our cell phones. However, magic is still behind the times. Some people thought it was a "radical" idea to include a webpage with performance video of the material I put into a Linking Ring Magazine Parade. Oooh... I'm a rebel.

Regardless, we can embed video in e-books and yet so many don't bother to take advantage of this. The list goes on, but hey... far be it from me to judge your lackluster knowledge of the world around you.

I bring this up because I am testing out a new implement of distraction on SmappDooDa.com. A chat box. When I am online, you can yammer with me without having to be signed in to anything. If I am not around, leave a message I'll get later.

If people dig it, I might actually set up a weekly live chat.. well.. because I can.

Sure I could go all crazy with it and use chat rooms, and video skyping and alla that.... but it's just a toy.. a toy I CAN CONTROL MUHAHAHAAHAHA!!

Baby steps...


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