Thursday, February 05, 2009

Putting the cocky back into cocksucker...

Well that title outta lose me a few readers.

Regardless, what is it with magicians and our inability to just be impressed or give compliments other than "OMG! YOU GONNA RELEASE THAT!?" We will watch someone do a magic effect and if it fools us, we won't say a DAMN thing. However, if we know hwo it works we blather something like, "That was good but I saw you unzip your zipper on that erdanase" (paraphrasing of course).

It's even worse on the internet. Our anonymity gives us the power to say things like, "great vid keep it up i knew what happened to the change but good cover". We just HAVE to let everyone know that we were NOT fooled AT all, but we will be using that routine sometime in the near future without your permission. Can't we just say, "Good job, so long, and thanks fort all the fish?" (again, paraphrasing).

The only time a phrase even CLOSE to "I see what you did there" was funny or appropriate was in this movie:

What the hell is wrong with us?



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