Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Homers Club...

I am always a amused by magic sites that have a "magicians only" section on their website. Offering up their products to "magicians only". Problem is, it's not. Any schlub can go onto that site and get that magic trick.

A long time ago, in an internet far, far away magic sites would actually quiz you on your knowledge to let you into the magicians sections. Now, we don't care. We'll take our money from anyone and sell our secrets to whoever wants to learn them. Even people who have seen us perform somewhere and want to do what we do and then call themselves a magician because they ignored the "magicians only" sign on the door and now can do some two-bit card trick.

We naively assume that people will stay out of something because they respect what we do. Man you people are high on drugs. We all know that stay off the grass means let's play soccer.

Do us all a favor and be a bit more discretionary when it comes to who you schlep yer products to in the future hmmmm? Not everybody can be exclusive because if we all are...

then no one is.


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