Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Old skool...

Do we take magic for granted? I think sometimes we do. Especially the newer generation doesn't bother to question or care where their magic comes from. All of the people that we revere as greats helped shape and mold that which we do now.

Think about the first time someone used a Nielsen type bottle to vanish... or when Fantasio first started showing off his candles and canes. People must have WET themselves! Now we sell off our original magic and a frantic pace all in pursuit of a dollar or two. We rarely keep things to ourselves. At least the other guys held on to their secrets till they had won some awards and got recognition. Then they shared the secret with us all.

We aren't as easy to impress anymore because we have "Seen it all". Well that's not true, but as magicians, we need to know what came before us. If not for the sheer history aspect of it, for yourself. So you know what has been done and whose toes and shoulders you are stepping on. How do you go about that? Easy! You go to a place like This that has done that research for you!!

Free your mind and your pants will follow...


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